The Fassett Letters - Letter # 39

Date: October 11, 1857
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: Mother
San Francisco Oct 11th /57
Mrs. C. H. Fassett
                              Granville Ohio
                                                         Dear Mother
                                                                                   I did not write you per last Steamer which sailed on the 5th inst, “The Golden Gate” but she met with an accident particulars of which you will see by a paper accompanying and returned and another Steamer will sail this afternoon in her place. I have been to Placerville where I staid four or five days. came down day before yesterday found Harris and Hale in good health and spirits. Ann and family I did not see as they had started to Martinez two or three days before I arrived. Received a letter from Ann yesterday morning from Martinez where they arrived all well and were going onto a ranch (Farm) about two miles from the town. I intend to go over there in a day or two. can go on a Steamer in two hours every night. I want to see them well fixed you will not hear from her this Steamer as she does not know there is an opportunity to write where they live is a beautiful country and the finest climate in the world and very healthy and I am certain they will like it. and Ann will become healthy. direct to her “Martinez Contra Costa County Cala” or send to me and I will forward I have had my ambrotype taken which I shall send to Jane probably by next mail. wish you would write me if Uncle Elias lost money by the recent failures in the east I see Atwood & Co have suspended and I fear he will suffer. in general I do not sympathize with the failures in the East because their papers say California “is of no account” and there is not a theft murder or failure in this country but is paraded in huge letters and commented upon by every editor in the union but when our specie is two or three days behind time a tremendous fluttering in Wall Street is the effect I anticipate more failures by the new arrivals of this Steamer in the usual time and only hope it will not injure any of my friends. did not receive any news from you people last mail and shall expect a letter by the next. am very much obliged for the many particulars in all your letters. Ann wrote me she had recd some collars from you I suppose by Mr Knox who I have not seen but have learned he was here. please remember me to all friends and persuade John and Mary in particular to write me I want to know if they can after a College and Boarding school course write a letter. Yours as ever

[Written sideways along an edge of the last page.]

A Blotty letter but have no more paper in my room.

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