The Fassett Letters - Letter #40

Date: November 19, 1857
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: Mother
San Francisco 19th Nov/57                  
Mrs. C. H. Fassett
                           Granville Ohio
                                                   Dear Mother

                                I have received no letters from you the last two mails and shall be very anxious to hear for fear some of you are sick you are so regular in your correspondence that if I miss a letter one mail I look certainly for one by the next. I shall not worry much unless I do not receive one by the next Steamer. I had my Ambrotype taken to send to Jane and I Think I wrote her I should send it but many said it was not a good one and I shall have it taken again and then send it I was at Anns last week found all well and Ann better satisfied with the ranch than at first They have concluded to stay there untill about the first of February when probably Germain will have his crop in and they will move into the town (Martinez) so the children can go to school. Harris is quite well and our business good it is hard to tell whether we are making much money or not but we have plenty of business and there will be times when we can make money. it is some time since I was in Placerville and do not expect to go there immediately as it requires all my time here. had intended to have written you a long letter to night  but I have some business which will take up my time untill late and the mails close too early in the morning to write had intended to send you a draft to day but as we are seriously affected by hard times in the East I used all the money I had to day shall send you some by the next Steamer. Should have done so before but I had written you always to let me know when you wanted any so I have been waiting to hear from you now I always make it a rule to keep every cent in use, so do not send untill you say you want it but always want you to be sure and advise me when you need any. dont forget it. I see the firm of Dunaley Drak & Co of Cincinnati have suspended feel sorry for Frank and hope he will soon get going again without much loss. am glad Uncle Elias was out of the New York house during their troubles. My regards to him and his family, and love to all our folks. Send you a Steamer paper every mail. why dont John and Mary write to me I want to know they can get up a respectable letter. I have written in great haste which I hope you will pardon and consider this better than no letter. you can direct Anns letters to me or direct to “Martinez Contra Costa County Cala” all write frequently and every day think of me as I do of you.

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