The Fassett Letters - Letter #41

Date: 12/21/57
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: Mother
San Francisco 21st Dec/57              
Mrs. C. H. Fassett
                           Granville Ohio
                                                  My Dear Mother
         Another of your kind favors came to hand by the last mail for which accept my thanks. I forwarded immediately to Ann was pleased to hear of your continued good health I always think of you all time and time again daily and if I could know you were always well should feel better satisfied. have not visited Ann very lately received a letter from her a few days since They were all well. sent yesterday plenty of Christmas presents for her children wish I was near enough to spend the coming holidays with you. should dread the cold weather very much but the pleasure of being home a week would more than repay a little cold I can imagine how cold and dreary it is with you now while we have here the finest sunshine and air imaginable I always sleep with my windows open summer and winter and am now writing by the open window. Harris is very well indeed I doubt if he ever enjoyed better health we are doing a large business but times are very hard you can form a pretty correct opinion of it by your own times at home. I hope Uncle Elias and Frank have not lost much money and will soon be all right again I see things are much more settled throughout the States and prospects much better for a healthy business ahead. I can hardly realize that Harry and Mary have grown so much. from your description of them do not know that I could recognize them if I should see them now. why do not John and Mary write to me I should like much to have them besides it is very necessary they should learn to write good letters and the only way is plenty of practice I shall send you a draft by next mail. would have done so this but did but just receive your letter and could not very well as I have nearly $6,000. to pay within two days. do not fail always to apply to me when you need any money for any purpose. my love to all will send Willie a paper.  
Yours as ever              

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