The Fassett Letters - Letter #79
One sheet of blue lined paper, folded to make four pages 7¾ x 10”

Date: April 30, 1861
Place: San Francisco
From: Noah Chittenden Fassett
To: Dr. H. Fassett

San Frano April 30th/61
Dr. H. Fassett
                    Granville Ohio
                                               Dear Father.  I Recd by Overland Mail 10 days ago Harris Letter of March 18th. I presume that he will leave New York by the 11th of May to return, so that it is not necessary to write to him. We have by Pony Express news of the taking of Fort Sumpter and of the calling out of 75000 Militia by the President. I regret exceedingly that we have to submit to Civil war caused by the corruption of the Government. for years but now the people will act and I hope wipe from existence those Blood suckers who have taken the life from the most noble and liberal structure of government ever established. We hear do not fear any trouble on this side California is strong for the Union I do not apprehend that you at Granville will be molested in any event. but in case there is likely to be trouble move north and run no risks. Our information of passing events at this distance is only through the “Sensation” Press so that we do not pretend to form a very correct idea of late state of affairs. From my Letters from home I understand that Harry and John intend going to Lake Superior this summer. If so I think well of it and think you better sell off your Stock and Farming fixtures and not try to Farm at all. Harris and I will support you. and if you would rather live in town or any wheres else I will buy you a good house &c. but I would not like to see you go far from Granville. I do not know any better place for you than there. and besides I would not like to have you leave Uncle Elias.   he has been a good friend to us all and I Know he wants you near him. I came down from Pacheco last night they were all well. our business going on as usual. We shall soon want Harris back. Hay cutting will commence this week. our prospects are good for a heavy harvest this year. And of course busy times for us up to first of January. The prospects of Pacheco are good think we will nearly  double the size of it this year. We out voted the county seat on the permanent location of the County Fair a day or two ago. My best love to all. send for money when you want any
Yours as Ever


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