The Fassett Letters - Letter #81
One sheet of cream lined paper, folded to make four pages 5 x 8”

Date: June 16, 1861
Place: Pacheco, California
From: Harris.Harding Fassett
To: Harry Fassett, MD
Pacheco California
                   June 16th 1861
Harry Fassett M.D.            
Granville Ohio       
Dear Father
          I arrived here on the 14th 9 P.M. in good health after a good voyage of 23 days & 5 hours from New York City found Ann & Family and Chittenden and our friends all well and our business behind hand and much in want of my help which it shall now have to my fullest abilities. I really have so many places to use money that I must make a great deal as soon as possible so as to assist others as well as myself If you can think of anything wonderful which will aid in that desideration please sit right down and write it to me.
more anon.

Begin page two

 Anon has come and here goes for the wind up of this institution. well I really hardly know what to say. our business is much in need of a few spurs. I have saddled and am now for “Raining rain or no rain.” I sent Ann the Quilt today and those pictures. have not seen her since and can not now tell you what she had to say Hale & Henry both well. I shall look for letters from you all next steamer. We have now a Sunday law. All stores to be shut up after the first of August when we hope to have one day of rest this is the second time we have had the law passed, before it had flaws in it by which it was evaded and rendered null. now we think there is no loophole to escape by.

Begiin page three

Our town has considerably improved while I was gone have got 2 Artesian wells very fine ones throwing water some 8 or 10 feet above the ground a church nearly completed and a good Bell of about 200 lbs weight already mounted and ringing out the time of day. Also had the fair grounds permanently located here and have going to work immediately to put good buildings and make a race track have the land already and track partly finished I am very tired and have the headache and must close this before filling the sheet. Give my love to Uncle & Aunt all our folks and enquiring friends and believe me as ever
    Your aff Son                      
H.H. Fassett

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