The Fassett Letters - Letter #82
One sheet of blue paper 7¾ x 10”

Date: July 10, 1861
Place: San Francisco
From: Noah Chittenden Fassett
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett
San Frano July 10th /61
Mrs C.H. Fassett
Granville, O.    My Dear Mother
Yours of 5th June was Received 4th July.
was very glad to again welcome your familiar hand Enclosed find a Letter from Ann written Mch 10 last and handed to me to mail. and of course has been carried in my Pocket ever since. how I came to do such a thing I dont know, was at Pacheco a few days ago and told Ann about it, and she said not send it but I told her I would to let you know what a careless Son you had. I am generally very careful about doing any thing I agree to do. more so than most people who have so much as to do as I have. No doubt you have heard of Harris safe arrival.

Begin second side.

We are much favored at this time of excitement with you by being beyond the War and its details. but we look anxiously for every pony to know what is done. We are all strong Union and if my business was closed up I might be induced to enlist. I certainly would if thought it was necessary. I am going tomorrow with five friends to visit the “Geyser Springs” will be done about a week. after my return will write you and I will write John then too. I have not much time to write as to day is Steamer day, and I am getting ready to go away. my first pleasure trip since I was home and probably the last play day for this year. Harris gave us full accounts of you all Janes wedding &c I must soon write the Doct and her. Shall expect Mary to write often. and now by this time you must be all settled and I want you to enjoy yourself and be sure and write me often. Keep me informed of the whereabouts of John. My best love to all, not forgetting uncles and Franks familys. all well here
Yours as ever,

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