The Fassett Letters - Letter #84
One sheet of blue paper 7¾ x 10” written on one side only

Date: Oct 16, 1861
Place: San Francisco
From: Noah Chittenden Fassett
To: John Fassett

San Franco  Oct 16th/61
(Capt) John Fassett
Granville, O.  Dear John  I Recd this morning
Mothers Letter of 19th Sept. saying you was raising a company for the War. I am very glad to hear it but did not want you to accept a lower position than Captain. and if you succeed in getting a Company, be strict and firm with them and make Solders of them. You will be a good officer I know and I shall hope to hear a good account of you. Keep me posted in regard to your movements as I shall watch the movements of your Regiment with interest. If you do not have money enough to pay your recruiting Exps. borrow it and I will send it to you immediately
       Yours Truly    Chittenden

[Written vertically along the left margin of the page.]

Am busy, no time to write.

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