The Fassett Letters - Letter #85
Two sheets of blue paper 7¾ x 10” to make four sides

Date: Oct 18, 1861
Place: San Francisco
From: Noah Chittenden Fassett
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett
San Franco Oct 18/61
Mrs. C.H. Fassett
Granville, O. My Dear Mother         
Yours of 19th Sept
Recd two days ago. was very glad to hear from you as it had been longer than usual since we had anything and in your last you said Mary and Willie were unwell and I felt quite anxious to hear again. and also to hear what John had decided upon. I am much pleased to learn that he is not going again as a Private. and that his prospect is good to fill a company and hope he will secure himself a good company and he be Captain. I Know he will be a good one. Ann is better than when I last wrote you and has gone home. She

Begin second side of first sheet.

was here with Mrs Harker when I wrote last. She is now at home. Harris and all others of our folks are well. We have not much war excitement but look anxiously for news from your Side which we get by Pony and by Telegraph in 5 to six days. Secesh is at a discount on this side and we hope it will be soon with you. I see you are disappointed in Mr Fremont. but Californians are not. They Know he is not capable to command an army. I Know him personally and think anybody would make as good a Captain as him. and his aids from here Selover, I.C. Woods, L. Haskell, and Jos Palmer might be called Gentleman thieves and not hurt their reputation much. Fremont is honest I think. but Jessie is much the Smartest man, of the two. We hope soon to hear of their being Kicked out Bag and baggage, and their places filled by somebody that can fight if they

Begin second sheet.

get a chance. Lewis Knox is quite anxious to hear how George Allen is and if he has again enlisted. Saw Lewis a few days ago they were all well. Enclosed I hand you Sather & Church Dft on New York for One Hundred Dollars which I think will be all you want for the present. If John needs any money you will please let him have and let me Know when you want any more. Harris thinks Mr Ball would take that mare in payment of what you owe him. and presumes as John and Harry are away you do not need her. I shall write Mary, and to Jane in a few days. wrote to Sarah a few days ago. My best Love to all. am pleased to hear Aunt is better.     as ever Yours Truly,

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