The Fassett Letters - Letter #86
One sheet of blue lined paper folded to make four 7¾ x 9¾” pages

Date: Nov. 19, 1861
Place: San Francisco
From: Noah Chittenden Fassett
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett

San Fran  Nov 19th 1861
               Mrs CH.Fassett
Granville Ohio   My Dear Mother        
Yours of 17th Oct was
Received this morning and wishing to forward it to Pacheco this Eve’g and it is rainy thought best to answer immediately and then as you gave me credit in your letter of answering punctually I must do so to save my reputation. I had begun to feel quite anxious to hear from you as I had no letter for a month. I expected John or Mary to have written in that time Mary I will excuse but John I think should have written I know he could have written without more inconvenience than I often write I am very sorry John has failed

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to raise a company and I think if he cannot get up a company he better not enlist I would take nothing less than a Captaincy Something will turn up probably beside volunteering. Enclosed find second of Exchange I send for fear the first may not have been received. I sent first 19th Oct one month ago. I think So Hopkins and Eugene Peck ought to enlist they are fit for nothing else and I am afraid hardly that. I am very sorry to hear of Aunt Jerushas sudden attack hope it indicates nothing serious. I congratulate Amanda & Frank on their Son and wish you always to mention all of Uncle & Franks family in your Letters. I feel that they are near and good friends to us and shall rejoice with them in their Joys and weep

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in their sorrows. You better keep a Girl untill Mary is entirely well, which I hope may be soon. Mrs Lucy Gordon is at Pacheco visiting Ann. I was up last week and saw her. I think her much improved since I saw her three years ago. (You see I am a good hand to visit.) but I do not know how to go. there is no hour in business days when I think I can go out of the City. Our Telegraph is now finished and we get the war and important news I presume before you do. really ahead of time. for instance dispatch dated 12 M in New York should arrive here at 9 a.m. same day and that would give 17 minutes to repeat it at different Stations. Brigham Young in point of time is really our next door neighbor. this City is growing rapidly so fast it is a perfect matter of

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astonishment what every body does for a living. Nellie is doing finely. We drive her in a single Buggy and I think soon she will be gentle and Kind never has kicked once. hope in her long trip she has forgotten her old tricks. never have had a letter from Jane since she was married She ought to write to Ann, if not to me, and I wish you would write her often. I always forward your letters immediately to her, and Harris, I expect to be away from here one or two months this winter. will write you about it soon. Uncle Sam Peck and I Keep up a regular correspondence. Ann is better than when I last wrote you, but not quite well. all the rest well. Harris included. My best love to all not forgetting uncles family. write often
Yours as Ever,

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