The Fassett Letters - Letter #87
One sheet of green lined paper, folded to make four 5 x 8” pages

Date: Nov. 30, 1861
Place: Pacheco
From: H.H. Fassett
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett

             Pacheco Cal Nov 30th 1861

   Mrs. C. H. Fassett
                       Granville Ohio           
                                   Dear Mother
                                                 I am as usual indebted to you for a letter and will answer now the spirit moves me so to do. Since I got back home again I have been very busy and have not been in the store but very little have been collecting the most of the time am now fairly started as Clerk in a Country Store and will have more time to write than I have had. Our business is now quite dull owing to 2 or 3 weeks rain we have been having the roads being so bad no one can come into town without heavy dragging through the mud. so only compulsion brings any customers.

Begin page two.

It is raining now “gently so gently” but steady yet not cold none of your winter rains but so warm that the grass is springing up fast and the whole country now is covered with a soft green carpet. The farmers are ploughing and if you were to be set down in this place now you would think it was the middle of April how you live in such a country I cannot conceive “But then Love what cant be cured must be endured,” and you worry through life in Ohio probably just as well satisfyed with it as we in this more favored land Only think 6 months labor to provide for 6 months of Cold dreary stormy frosty muddy freezing fitful furious weather. Oh the frozen toes the cries of my fingers toes, Nose or Ears are frosted are harrowing to my feelings and I do pity you all so much

Begin page three.

Anns family well. Germain is sitting in the store now reading the news. The same old sixpence as ever only a little more so easy as an old shoe and twice as natural Mrs Lucy Newell Gordon was down here and made Ann and I quite a long visit we had a very nice time if it did rain almost constantly for the 2 weeks she was with us she says her folks were all well and wished to be remembered to you with much Love. I think her a very excellent woman. and you know such ones are scarce any wheres. Harry, Mary and John all owe me a letter I hope John will write me a good long one descriptive of his campaign in Western Virginia and to what he is doing or next bending his brilliant intellect.
Mary Fassett do you ever Ghu!.? now do you Ghu! or do you Ghu!!!          

Begin page four.

Now mother remember me to all of Uncle Elias’ family and Amanda Frank and the Children and tell Kate she must write to me and tell me all the news or I will not play Cribbage with her when I come back next time. And is not Willie old enough to write me a short line also remember me to Jane and husband and to Emma and Willie. Em must write to me so she will not forget her Uncle Harris. Father how do you and Mother get along playing Backgammon. does she cheat as much as ever. Nellie is here and I have got her so she works as finely as Peter does single in a Buggy and if she cant out trot him in a year I will hang my hat on a Peg. Kiss the Irish Girl for me.

Written vertically along the margin and upside down at top.

Your loving and undutiful Son H. H. Fassett Esq “or any other Man.”

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