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  • Granular Matter
  • Quantum Chaos
  • Biological Physics


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  • Pearling and arching instabilities of a granular suspension on a super-absorbing surface
    Soft Matter - Cover

    Internal imaging of dense granular solids Tetrahedrons We measured the random packing fraction of the Platonic solids, and imaged the packing with newly acquired x-ray CT machine. more.
    Image of grains in the bulk Using a novel fluoroscent index matching technique, we show that the fluctuations in granular flows are remarkably similar to that observed in a dense liquids. more.

    Friction of a slider on a granular layer: Nonmonotonic thickness dependence and effect of boundary conditions

    Cohesive strength of wet grains We explain the increased stability of a wet granular pile with a new liquid bridge model. A copy of the Nature Physics paper can be downloaded here. See related News and Views, and Cover Story.
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    Dynamics of a bouncing dimer Particle shape is observed to have a strong impact on the dynamics of granular materials. more

    Granular matter page
    Flow of Granular Matter Image of granular matter draining from a silo. more

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    Rod Ordering
    Rod Packing PRE Kaleidoscope Image

    Science - Editor's Choice Not So Faulty Towers

    Nature - Research Highlights Towers grow by drips and drops

    PRL - Cover
    PRL - Cover
    Self-organization in Self-Propelled Rods

    PRL - Cover
    PRL - Cover
    Geometry of crumpled paper

    Channels page
    Geomorphology: Physics of channelization more

    Failure of a granular step more

    Bacteria page
    Pattern Formation in Bacterial Colonies: Living on the Edge Bacillus Subtilis colonies form a ring when irradiated with ultraviolet light. more
    Also read story in Bacterial Trek, and The Boston Globe, New Scientist.
    DHS page
    Self-assembing chains, rings and droplets in magnetized granular fluids more

    Work supported by Research Corporation, Petroleum Research Fund, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Department of Energy, and National Science Foundation.

    Arshad Kudrolli
    Department of Physics
    Clark University
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